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friends and children of Nina Danyleikos

The group "Chorea Kozacky" excellent musicians from Kiev and surroundings inspired the audiance in Schliersee with their peppy and exceptional music and deeply moved with their sacred music.

•   Chorea Kozacky - CD

Chorea Kozacky auf youtube

"Hulayhorod musicians and folk-dancers together with Chorea Kozacky
bestowed us a wonderfull and unforgettable week visiting Josefstaler Elefant e.V. in Schliersee
and the open air museum of Markus Wasmeier in 2009.

•  Hulayhorod - CD

Hulayhorod auf youtube

Hulayhorod" with Nina Danyleiko visiting the Josefstaler Elefant e.V. in Schliersee december 2012.

Foto: Christel Franz-Hennessy / studio of the artist
Cornelia Heinzel-Lichtwark