Vita of Nina Danyleiko

Wolodymir and I met on the way to work. I first noticed his embroidered shirt and he saw mine. We stopped for a moment and gave us a smile.
It was like a mutual recognition: "I am delighted that you also have the courage to wear your costume in public." Later we met in the studio of a mutual friend.
Everyone there was hunted by the political regime - they wore our ukrnian costumes, talked our native language and practiced the old folk songs.
He sang so beautifully and he sang his own songs ...
.... I was enchanted and decided to become his wife.

Six kids were the result of this marriage, all are musical, all are singing. And the entire family preserves the ukrnian tradition, the folk art, the folk music. They are members of the group "Hulayhorod".

Wolodymir about his wife Nina

Her character, inherited and trained by her family, caused Nina to be spontanous as well as to paint on demand for someone as a gift,
Beside this she owns the pure feminine qualities to make a present, to give, to be generous, to feel the Creators world in herself.

All this together influenced the behavior and lifestyle of the artist and created her special ethical standard.
She doesn't maintain her pictures herself, but let it go "to the people", among the people.
Therefor we can't see all of their paintings on one place, nor we know exactly where in the world they are located.